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Silicone resin microspheres, can be applied to a plastic, rubber, paint and other additives to improve performance. In addition to a variety of organic silicon itself is excellent performance, compared with the inorganic material particles, XB-801 series has a very small proportion and excellent heat resistance.

【XB-801 Series performance:
1. Excellent water resistance
2. Excellent smoothness (light lubrication)
3. With inorganic particles, compared with a smaller proportion of
4. Microsphere particles and organic, compared with better heat resistance
5. Not soluble in organic solvents
6. Cohesiveness of small
7. Heat over 900 degrees Celsius temperature
8. Has the appearance of ball
【XB-801 Series Specifications】:

Appearance white powder ball really really really spherical ball white powder white powder white powder ball really
TGA Weight loss (250 ° C, 30min)%




Gravity (25 ℃) 1.32 1.32 1.32 1.32
Oil absorption ml / g 75 75 75 75
The average particle size of 2μ 4μ 5μ 8μ

】 【Applications
★ improve the wear resistance of rubber to improve the rubber surface smoothness, etc.;
★ paint and ink to clarify the tone, adjust the gloss (matting agent) anti-adhesion agent to improve the wear resistance, etc.;
★ synthetic resin in the epoxy resin, acrylic resin, polyester and ABS to improve wear resistance, anti-adhesion, increase smooth performance
★ plastic film anti-blocking agent while maintaining transparency
★ Light diffusion agent in PC lampshade, the light diffusion film, anti-reflection film, polarizing film, etc.
★ other high pigment, the dispersion of inorganic fillers, liquidity
★ Semiconductor

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